Designed by a famous interior designer, HOTEL GATE IN KAGOSHIMA offers various types of rooms.

Premium Bath Terrace room

Situated on the top floor are our five luxurious premium rooms. Each room has an open aired bath in which to relax and unwind after a busy day. Also please help yourself and relax with our complimentary drinks and snacks.

  Room size : 13.8m2+5m2(a bath terrace)
  Bed size : Double bed (135cm wide)

Lady’s Terrace room

With feminin interior and amenities chosen by our female staff, this room is for a woman who wants to feel special. Guests are free to use a nano care steamer in the room. As of Comfort Terrace room, outdoor terrace is a private relaxing space.

  Room size : 13.8m2+5m2(a terrace)
  Bed size : Double bed (135cm wide)

Comfort Terrace room

The interior is designed to help you relax and the terrace is for you to unwind after a hard day. Room comes with free WIFI which is ideal for the business person.

  Room size :13.8m2+5m2(a terrace)
  Bed size : Double bed (135cm wide)

Moderate Single room

Moderate single does not have a terrace and slightly compact compared with Comfort Terrace room.

  Room size : 12.0m2
  Bed size : Semi-double bed (120cm wide)

Executive Double room

This room is designed by a camping car designer. Two special rooms, situated in a top two floors, a night view of downtown Tenmonkan is over the desk.

  Room size : 15.0m2
  Bed size : Double bed (140cm wide)

Executive Twin room

A largest room in the hotel located in a corner of top two floors with two windows. This room is also available as a triple room with three beds by adding an extra bed.

  Room size : 24.0m2
  Bed size : Two semi-double bed (120cm wide)

Hollywood Twin room

A twin room which is compact and relatively reasonable. Two semi-double beds are situated together to be used as an extra king bed!

  Room size : 15.0m2
  Bed size : Two semi-double beds (110cm wide)

Japanese room

Japanese style room with relaxing atmosphere applying Ryukyu Tatami (a traditional Japanese style floor). It is popular among couples and also families with small child.

  Room size : 24.0m2 (eight mat room)
  Bed size : No beds. Four sets of bedding (Futon) prepared in the closet.